NewFound Recruiting is a Canadian owned professional services firm which is dedicated to delivering the right consultants to our public and private sector clients. We provide services to clients across Canada and the US in a variety of verticals, including IM/IT, Finance, Business Services, Executive Search, and Engineering.

NewFound Recruiting provides effective recruitment, screening, qualification and management of independent consultants in response to our clients’ resource requirements, by way of a number of Standing Offers, such as TBIPS, THS, and ProServices.  In addition to being qualified on our own Standing Offers, NewFound Recruiting has established a vast partner network, which allows us access to a number of other resources, expertise, and vehicles, otherwise unavailable to our competition.


Since 2011, NewFound Recruiting has placed over 700 candidates inside of our core areas of focus which include IT, Engineering, Finance, Project Management, and Professional Management.  Our goal is to zero in on specific skill sets and in doing so, provide our clients with excellent service.

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